Design Walk 2008
Friday 26 to Sunday 28 January 2007. The narrow streets of Psirri are usually fully crowded and this time for a different reason. The creative offices in the metropolitan area of Athenian downtown, opened their doors for a different exhibition, the Design Walk. An unusual walk, a stroll in the center, clarified the oracle of design for the Athenians and became one of the most beautiful urban festivals of the year. It welcomed more than 1500 people with design concerns.

The aesthetic intervention continued this year. Friday1 to Sunday 3 February 2008. In the same creative offices of the neighborhood of Psirri, the offices welcomed back with special exhibitions and a single concept. The cooperation.
3 in a box • Stylo Design, UK
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More or Less
An exhibition for graphic design, the meaning and substantial position in relation to the arts, with the purpose to lead public to better understanding of the mechanisms which can be used for communication. The exclusive use of letters (typography) creates a visual chain of apothegm, texts and visual tricks covering various aspects of graphic design.
Bend • DesignPark • NoLogo
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B station presents DISIN4ORM
Design Park, the Black N' Deker and No Logo are dealing both with the graphic design as well as with audiovisual projects. During the Design Walk they collect all these activities, then the combine them through different forms. Data obtained are shown in B Station, which is the station broadcast for all three units involved.
Bios • Belio, ESP • Raster-Noton, GER
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The report consists of two projects.

In collaboration with the group Belio it was organized a mini-festival of electronic music and audiovisual activities and a magazine has been set up specifically for the Design Walk. Furthermore an open debate took place and a presentation of common activities that share the two design teams.

11 years Raster-Noton
11 designers cooperate and create 11 posters for their 11 years presence of German electronic music label Raster-Noton.

The festival was in evening hours after the closure of the exhibitions.
The Design Shop • Xavier Antin, FR
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Human Condition
"The experience of living" was presented through a non-linear, graphic design facility which enables the participation of the visitor, giving evidence and asking him to compose it. The installation deals with key issues that determine the identity of a person as friendship, companionship, sexuality but also vanity, doubt and uncertainty.
G • Company, UK
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The teeth of cogwheel can be either parallel or slopes towards their axis, either to make an angle. The parallel mounted cogwheels can be contacted either external or internal (one inside the other), while inclined indentation can be either single or double. They ensure high security operation, precise ratio, the possibility of congestion, long lifetime and largely enjoyment.
Mnp • Ed Gill, UK
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Projection of four short films of Ed Gill ( "Skeleton Artist"), an artist who combines film, illustration and performance. Accompanied by four posters, which were designed jointly and were given free of charge to visitors.

"Crooked Cop", "Ikebana Baby", "Bubble trouble", "Skeleton Artist"
Mums Design • Maria Alipranti, GR
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"I got you in leeks" (I got you)
Small moments stolen from an everyday kitchen.
The table is spreaded and designers invite visitors on weekdays to familiar flavors. The multiple ways of understanding the concept of food, the iconography developed around cooking, and verbal forms with which the close relationship between humans and food is disambiguated, are some of the dishes in the menu. With a contribution of Maria Alipranti, graphic designer who deals with visual communication messages that are born within - or around - a kitchen.
Οxy • Eggandspoon, GR
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Recto Verso
Everything starts from a chain link, which will make sense only when linked with the front and back with a relationship of dependency. That relationship investigated with mixed style (photography, collage, printing, graphics) and denatured in a book without beginning, middle and end and therefore without the cover and back cover. In which, each page has the recto verso, the "other" side, a side that is totally dependent on its back side, it retains the uniqueness and strength.
P6 • Human Empire, GER
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I am from Athens
Athens is not only the Acropolis. It is a city full of contradictions, westerneastern, vibrant, tough, human formed now, developing, improving, advancing. Through graphic design and illustration it is highlighted a different aesthetic that exists, even hidden, in the city. If you love her, others will follow you too...
Poor Designers • Dimitris Arvanitis, GR
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Society and Hypocrisy
Poor Designers cooperate with the leader of the greek graphic design Dimitris Arvanitis. The issue that they commented visually and creatively was Society and Hypocrisy.
Sereal Designers • Walm, GR
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The Amazing Humanoid Circus
Sereal Designers and fashion designers WALM set up a pictorial game starting with forms that arise from the counterpoint of the human body to its surroundings. Forms that are recreated and are projected on 3 dimensions, altering the perception of reality. The two groups combine the graphic with fashion in a changing project which aims to give shape and texture to the (non) substantial.
The Switch Design Agency • Fabio Novembre, IT
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The design team the Switch design Agency, recently moved from the 2nd to 3rd floor of the building at Sahtouri 3. The studio of the 2nd, the workplace of the team for the past three years, is seen as an opportunity to explore the possible uses of an "empty" space within a given urban environment of the neighborhood of Psirri. The group the Switch is inspired by the work and philosophy of Italian designer Fabio Novembre, sets out proposals for the creation UPP (useful places in Psiri) and invites visitors to envisage new solutions upon creating UPP, through an interactive process.
Typical Mutations • Makebelieve, GR
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C.S.I. Psyrri
The Typical Mutations and makebelieve invite you as a researcher at a crime scene. Using and composing technological innovations such as mixed & augmented reality installations and other imaging techniques, together with traditional supplies of thought and observation. The investigator - you - must filter through his instinct and judgement and to prioritise information and incentives in order to find the truth. But the truth is not black or white because human factor intervention and consequences of human passion intermediates.
We Design • Nobek Zeistein, USA
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Nobek Zeistein: an end to mock
The Nobek Zeistein, American artist / designer / philosopher, a German-Polish origin, living and working in Springfield of Montana in the U.S.. After a 12-year-old path of silence, he will present samples of recent work. The Zeistein deals with successive weanings of pictorial cohesion within the framework of myself and it is. The writing, the movement, the usability are overshadowed and decomposing by uneven bodies with the intetion to constantly reshaping the sphere of non-fictional and real. The place and time are redefined and mutate again. Influences that have consistently drawn by Dada and the philosophical phenomenalism, are reverted to 26 letters of the Latin alphabet. Using distinct points of escape, both linear and the liberal design, Zeistein brings new dimensions to the existential and sociological truth.