EBGE 2008
In a beautiful and warm festive atmosphere the ceremony awards of EBGE took place on Saturday 12 April. This is the culmination of the seventh Greek Graphic Design Awards and Illustration. In the ceremony, which took place in the fully crowed Arts Center of Chalandri, awarded creators from the full range of applications of optical communication (Graphics, Illustration, Digital applications). The presentation of the evening Mr Christopher Zaralikos, who with good humour managed to link the awards with current affairs, but also achieved to "relax" those who were present from the agony of the result.

Emotionally charged was the time of the EBGE Global Offer award, to the veteran of Greek Graphic Arts, Kimona Iliopoulo. (Select the 6th panorama to see the video tribute that was played choosing the plugins Deval -Windows platform only- or Flash).
Chalandri Arts Center
6 panoramas | 1 with sound, 1 with video
The Arts Center is at 53 Garyttou street in Halandri, and is a new, modern, aesthetically and technologically sophisticated building complex. (On the first panorama the playing song is "Kingdom Hearts Theme Song" by "Hikaru Utada". This song was playing before the ceremony started.)