The gigantic rocks of Meteora dominate at Kalambaka between the mountains of Koziaka and Antichasion. This masterpiece of nature is revealing its glory for centuries, as it is a unique geological phenomenon and an important monument of Orthodoxy. Meteora being designated as the second Mount Athos, it continues the tradition for nearly six centuries.
Holy Monastery of Varlaam
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Its founder is the hermit Varlaam in the middle of 14th century. Later, it was renovated by the brothers Theophanis and Nektarios Apsaras from Ioannina.
The Holy Monastery of the Great Meteoro
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It was founded in the middle of the 14th century by Holy Athanasios the Meteorite (first owner and organiser of the Monastic coenobium) at the largest rock (Wide Rock).
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